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Welcome to The Way We Do It, the LJ community where we post photos to get to know more about the different cultures around the world. The community is moderated by aaskie and bokhylle.

The way it works
Every other day, one of the moderators (aaskie or bokhylle) will make an entry where they post a word, like for instance "lunch". Post in the comments with a photo of what you had for lunch today (or something else, depending on what the word is). This is to enlighten fellow Livejournalers about your lifestyle and the country you’re from, in addition to learning more about other cultures.

1. When you post a photo, always state where your photo was taken (no need to be too specific, just say the country).

2. If you see a thread from your location, reply to that one with your picture instead of creating a new thread.

3. Respect the other members of the community. There are cultural differences and this is what the community is for, remember that. Nothing is 'gross', even if it’s different from what you are used to.

4. There aren’t any size restrictions for photos, but use common sense. Don’t post pictures that aren’t viewable without using forever to scroll.

5. Have fun!